Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lemon Chicken Cutlets with Couscous and Asparagus

Tonight I made Lemon Chicken Cutlets with Couscous and Asparagus. If you click on the link the recipe is for Turkey Cutlets, but I only had chicken breast in the house so that is what I used.

The Chicken got 4 stars, but the couscous only got 3 stars and the asparagus only got 3 stars. This will not keep me from making them again.

Tonight I used the fresh garlic I purchased from the farmer's market. All of the remaining ingredients were from Giant Eagle. I'm hoping when I make this again in the a few weeks I can say that the majority of the ingredients came from either the Farmer's Market or some local roadside stand.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bruschetta Chicken Bake and Avocado Salad

Tonight for dinner I made Bruschetta Chicken Bake and Avocado Salad.

The dishes received 3 stars. Only because the daughter does not like anything with tomatoes. However, before I finished my first helping both the Husband and the Boy finished off the rest of the salad. So I would say it was a HUGE success.

I know, I know...the chicken dish used a stuffing mix. However I had one in my cupboard that I needed to use up since I paid for it. So if I make it in the future I will make a few changes, like making my own stuffing mix, and I will use fresh tomatoes instead of canned. Also, I used a low fat Shredded Mozzarella Cheese which I don't think changed the taste at all.

For the Avocado salad I doubled the recipe and was able to use the local feta cheese I got from the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I did use smoked Feta which may have altered the taste a bit, but I think for the better. I also used fresh little onions that I got from the Farmer's Market.

Now about the onions, I would usually just leave them out. I personally HATE onions, but they looked so cute and wholesome....like a magazine picture...so I bought them. I wasn't really sure what I would use them in and I just figured my husband and kids would snack on them. They were about the size of large marbles. They were bigger than ramps or scallions but not as big as a regular onion. I felt so chef like as I prepared and chopped them..and I didn't even cry. Except when I picked them out of my serving of salad.

Then I cried a little because it is sooooo irritating to pick onions out of anything.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My first experience with a Farmer's Market

I set my alarm last night for 8:00 this morning. Why would I set my alarm on a Saturday? To go to the Farmer's Market, of course!

After not planting a garden much prompting from certain friends and doing my own internet researching I've decided to try to buy local produce. According to EVERYONE the best place to do this is at a local farmer's market.

Because I live in such a bizarre location I have equal distance to two different markets. Today I chose this one. I must admit, it was both awesome and a let down.

In my mind there would be TONS of vendors with a wide variety of produce. Now maybe it's because everything is behind due to rain, or maybe it's just the way this market is, but that was NOT the case.

There were a few vendors. It was about even between vegetable vendors and baked goods vendors. There was only one Goats Milk product vendor. The only fruit on the premises were berries.

However, this did make me think that maybe certain fruits aren't in season. And the fruit I've been buying at other stores is shipped in and is not really that healthy nor does it support local growers.

Now about the prices. I did pay more for my cabbage than I would have at Giant Eagle, but I saved about $4.00 on herbs and about $3.00 on cucumbers. So that kinda evens that out.

All and all it was good. I walked in the fresh air, I bought local produce and cheese thereby supporting local farmers and goat people. Most importantly I walked out of the market feeling good about my choices AND saving money.

If YOU are going to a Farmer's Market for the first time I would keep these things in mind:

1.) Take Cash

2.) Bring your own bags. You aren't doing much for the environment if you are using the plastic grocery bags they provide. Plus by using reusable bags you will LOOK much more experienced.

3.) If you don't see what you want, ask at different tables if they will have it. If a vendor knows that you will come back they will bring it the following week.

This is a great place to make food friendly relationships which is both rare and lovely.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Parmesan Crusted Venison Roast

I found this recipe and made it for our family. It is a HUGE hit getting 4 stars. (One star for each member of the family).

Well I decided to see if it would also work as well on a roast. I know it's seems a little odd, but my family says they are up for the challenge. I'm hoping that by coating it with the mustard and Parmesan that it will stay moist. My biggest challenge with venison roast is that it dries out so much you have to have gravy to choke it down.

So I make the marinade and put it and the Parm on the roast around 3:00. I check it at 6:00 and it's not quite at 160. Everyone is starving and I need to figure something out fast. So I bump the heat to 400 and put it back in for another half hour and bribe the children with rice left over the previous night.

When I check it again it is at temp and is nice and crusty. I let it rest for 10 mins and then go in to cut it. It was very tender. I cut myself and the kids (DH was not home) some of the roast. I also had some white potatoes from a can heated, but that's only because my children had opened it earlier in the day while they were playing school. Don't ask it's a long story.

Anyhow we all enjoyed our first helping and the three of us shared a second helping. This tasted awesome and I will absolutely make this again!

A wild update appears......

Is it bizarre that I post so randomly on here? Yes, it probably is, but since this blog is mostly for my own venting purposes it will be fine.

As I type this my children drive their toys over my sorted laundry in the hall and my husband yells to me from the back of the house "Honey, have you seen my bow? You know, my old one that I don't really use anymore." Right, like I was the one to use his deer hunting bow last. Give me a little credit, I would have used the newer one.

Anyhow, over a month ago my husband and I started on a weight loss/get healthy journey. We are loosely using the "17 day diet by Mike Moreno. We stuck with it hardcore for the first 17 day cycle, but have modified it to fit our lifestyle. Doing so has allowed DH to lose over 30 lbs and I've lost over 15 lbs.

Woo hooo!!! This is HUGE for me. I'm on track to feeling healthier and more involved in life and I'm doing it WITHOUT MEDICATION!

Ok, that being said I wanted a place I could rate recipes that I make and until I find a better site to do so, this is it. So be prepared form some recipe sharing going on......

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I have mentioned before, I am a BzzAgent and therefore I am able to try new products for free. I receive great coupons for these products to share - so please let me know if you are interested.

I am currently sampling Covergirl's new Natureluxe Collection.

I must admit when I was selected for the campaign I was sooooo excited. Who doesn't love free make up? I was giddy like a teenager.

According to the information I received with the product this "smooth silk foundation trades in a heavier emollient for a touch of cucumber water and a hint of natural jojoba and rosehip extracts. It provides a flawless coverage and a silky lightweight feel."

I agree and disagree. Before trying this new foundation I was/am using a powder foundation. So it was a bit of a change to go back to liquid. But I've used liquid the majority of my adult life so I was up for the task.

I agree that the product is silky. I really liked the texture of the foundation. But I don't necessarily think of it as light. It provides excellent coverage - although I found myself needing to use powder on top to control the oil. That's something I haven't had to do since I was a teen.

Along with the foundation came a Gloss Balm. There isn't a lot to say about plain lip balm, other than I wished I could have tried a different shade.

I've been using these products for the last three days. While my opinion may change as time goes on, I don't think that the products are amazing enough for me to change back from powder to liquid.

I will give you an update on my opinion after more time has passed. Who knows...I may fall in love with this stuff!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A long hard look at....

Myself. I know, I know. But this blog is FOR me. Some of you crazy people just decided to come along for the ride.

So I'm in the shower this morning after I worked out. (Go ME!) As I've mentioned before the shower is my thinking time. So I realize that I'm processing a post from a "friend" on facebook from yesterday.

By "friend" I mean an acquaintance that I met at MOPS and have NEVER spent any personal time with her.

I realized that most of the times her posts are usually about abortion and how ppl that believe in abortion should be treated or she posts videos of extremists etc.

Abortion is her soapbox.

I get it. Totally. She is a conservative christian with a strong belief and very strong fingers to type said beliefs.

But here was my thought process this morning:

Wow...she is starting to get a little overzealous in her posts. I wonder if she thinks that's what she is supposed to do. I wonder if she realizes how that makes her look to the general public....

Then, for some unknown reason, I start getting angry. I'm guess that at this point Satan or some other demon stepped in and started soaping up my back....

All I could think was.....Is this what Christ would do? Is this how HE would handle the abortion thing? I mean, I studied Christs life in some detail and I don't recall ANYTHING that would point saying these types of things or acting like these extremists are.

I was mentally writing my response to her post. I was calling her out and making points that would show her ignorance and I could just feel this rage building and building...

Then I heard a still, soft voice say - Bekki - I will take care of it.

That's it. That's all it said. But it was enough. Who am I to take on a challenge like that? I run my trap about how I can't believe in anything until I get Holy Spirit Conviction - and then I'm trying to shove MY personal views down this poor girls throat.

It's not up to me to act just like the people I can't stand. It's up to me to act like Christ. To show Christ through my actions and not just my words.

So for now I stand in prayer. I prayed really hard in the shower, and I hope it caused the demon in there with me to burn a bit. I prayed for wisdom and understanding and authority.

I'm not sure what else to do but to unfriend her. We never actually talk, and her posts are just become to "crazy extremist christian" for me. I don't really want to be associated with anything like that. I think it limits my ability to show people what Christ is like.

Until God sees fit to tel me what to do - I will sit back and pray.